Assignment Changes

You are responsible for following all check-in, check-out and assignment change procedures. Not following these procedures may result in administrative fees and/or charges for lock change and replacement keys.

Please keep in mind...

  • Under no circumstances will the DOR move one resident based on the request of another.
  • Having more than one assignment at a time is not permitted.
    • You are only permitted to have keys to the space you are assigned to in the online housing system.
    • Within suites or apartments, bedroom changes must be made using the online housing system and completed at your Hall Desk/Apartment Community office.
  • For changes during the semester...
    • Once you select a new space, you must wait until 12:00 noon the following day before you can get keys.
      • This gives us time to email staff and roommates about the pending change.
    • You then have 72 hours to complete the change.
  • For changes for future semester, check-in / out information and deadlines will be emailed to you.
Activity - all assignmnet change activity takes place in the onlione housing system.

Fall 2020 Assignment Change Timeline

Recontracting – April 15 Continuing Students can select / change their assignment for the next year.  
April 16 – May 27 Changes are not available so we can make New Student assignments.

June 18 - 21

June 25-28

July 2 - 5

Thurs. – Sun. students with assignments can see and select from all available vacancies for which they are eligible.
Changes aren't available Mon. – Wed. so we can make New Student assignments.

You can preview available rooms the Wednesday evening before the system opens. The system opens at 6 a.m. on Thursday and closes at 11:59 p.m. on Sundays.
July 6 – Sept. 7 Changes aren't available so we can finalize assignments, prepare check-in materials, move everyone in, and then verify everyone has arrive.
Sept. 8 – Sept. 13 If you have a vacancy in your room/apartment, you can pull-in roommates. This option continues throughout the semester, but after the dates at left other students may also select the space in your room/apartment.
Sept. 14 – Nov. 29 Due to COVID-19, this process is available under the following conditions.