New Student Contracts and Assignments

We will base your housing priority off of the date you accepted your offer of admission to Iowa State provided you log in and sign a housing contract when you receive the email that it is available.

You can live on-campus your first year, and your second year, and every year until you graduate! We have a variety of different housing types, so explore the different options.

Who is required to live on-campus? Nine out of ten new Iowa State students make the choice to live on-campus, even though there is no on-campus housing requirement!

When can I contract for on-campus housing? You can contract for housing as soon as you accept your offer of admission. The earlier you contract for housing, the more likely you are to get an assignment within your preferences! We start accepting NEW STUDENT housing contracts in June of the prior year (i.e... June 2018 for fall 2019).

How do I contract for on-campus housing? Once you accept your admission, you can submit a housing contract using AccessPlus.

Is there a deadline to submit my contract? There is no deadline to submit a housing contract, but the date you submit your contract determines your priority. So the sooner you get it in, the better.

Should I wait to contract until I find a roommate, visit campus, know my financial aid, make my final decision to attend, etc...? Do not wait!
  • The longer you wait, the less likely you are to be assigned within your preferences
  • You can revisit your contract any time before April 15 to change preferences, add a roommate, etc.
  • New students have until May 1 to cancel their housing contract without financial penalty.

I submitted my contract already. Is it early or late? While it varies each year based on the number of students admitted, when they decide to accept, how soon they contract etc., about 50% of new students will submit their contracts before February.

How can I guarantee the room that I want? We try hard to accommodate your preferences, but we can't guarantee you a specific room/building. Submitting your contract early increases your chances of getting as assignment within your preferences.

How do I make a roommate request? If you submit your contract via AccessPlus, follow these steps. If you submit a paper contract, you request a roommate in the space provided.

What if I don't have a specific roommate request? Don't worry - we will assign you a roommate and then make their contact information available to you in Access Plus.

What if I have special needs for housing? If you require an accommodation, please visit our Housing Accommodation Requests page.

How will my assignment be made? Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis, using your preferences as follows:
  1. Accommodation Requests are assigned first.
  2. Learning Community (LC) preferences are considered second.
    • If you preference a LC and a roommate, your roommate request will be considered only if your roommate has preferenced the same LC and/or space is available.
  3. Roommate Requests are considered third
    • The earliest contract date determines priority for the pair/group.
    • Roommates must be all be eligible for the same type of housing.
    • Your Room Preferences will be considered, but your assignment may be anywhere your roommate request can be accommodated.
  4. Room Preferences are considered fourth.
    • Please list all twelve preferences! List too few and we will make our best guess if we run out of space in your preferences.
    • Popular locations, such as Eaton, Friley, Maple and Martin Halls, fill with very early contract dates. Preference at least one option not in these areas
    • Single rooms are very limited and not everyone who requests a single room receives one.
      • If you ask for a single room and a roommate, your single request will be considered only if we can't accommodate your roommate request.
    • Requesting only air-conditioned (A/C) buildings does not guarantee an A/C assignment.
      • Only eight of our 20 residence halls has A/C so the vast majority of new students live in non-A/C buildings.
When will I know my assignment? Once your assignment is made, we will notify you via email that your assignment, roommate information, and move-in dates are available to view on Access Plus.
  • For FALL, we begin emailing notifications the last week in May.
    • Not every student will be assigned, so we will continue to email notifications through summer. Students with late contracts may not be notified until late-July.
  • For SPRING, we begin emailing notifications in mid-December.

I don't have an assignment yet - will I have a place to stay? YES! The DOR is committed to assigning all newly admitted students who want to live on-campus. We make new student assignments starting in late May and continuing throughout the summer, so keep checking AccessPlus. You can also check our Assignment Updates page to see where we are in the process. 

Can I change my assignment? For contracts that start Fall, you can make changes to your assignment using AccessPlus on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout June and July. During the third week of Fall classes, AccessPlus will open up once again for you to make changes Monday - Sunday. For contracts that start Spring, once you have an assignment, you can make changes until the end of December. No changes will be allowed from January 1 until after you have arrived and checked-in. Generally, AccessPlus becomes available the second week of the semester.

I changed my mind about living on-campus. How do I cancel? While it's up to you, remember that your contract is a legally binding document. There are penalties associated with canceling your contract. Review our Contract Cancellations page for full details.