Housing Accommodation Requests

This process is for students who wish to have additional consideration given to their housing assigment due to a disability.

You must personally inform us of your needs prior to or at the time you submit your Housing Contract. Action plans from elementary - high school do not apply to college and campus offices are not legally permitted to share your medical information. 

To ensure your needs are met, you must go through this process. Don't assume your needs will be met based only on your preferences.

The Accommodation Process

Step 1. Contract For Housing - You must still contract via the regular process. Your accommodation assignment will be impacted by your contract date. Also, please answer "yes" to the accommodation question on the contract. 
Step 2. Register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) - SAS evaluates each accommodation request, so you must register with this office for your accommodation to be considered. 
Step 3. Submit a Housing Accommodation Request Form - You will need to complete a Housing Accommodation Request Form and submit it to SAS along with the Required Documentation. If needed, you may be contacted for clarification or additional information. 
If you don't complete this step prior to May 1 for fall, December 1 for spring, or before you are assigned we may not be able to accommodate you.
Step 4. Your Request is Reviewed - Once you have completed the above steps, your request will be evaluated by the SAS staff who will make a recommendation regarding your assignment. Approval of all requests is at the discretion of Iowa State University.
Step 5. Your Assignment is Made - If your request is approved, you will be assigned based first on your documented needs. The preferences on your housing contract will be considered, but an assignment within your preferences is not guaranteed. Additionally, your accommodation is for YOU only and we may not be able to assign you with any roommate(s) you have requested.

Allergies - Of the 20 residence halls on the ISU campus, only eight are air-conditioned. As such, most new students are assigned non-air-conditioned housing. Requests for air-conditioning due to allergies/asthma are only considered if they have been diagnosed by a qualified medical provider who has determined that the student is disabled by the condition. In air-conditioned buildings, air-conditioning is typically only on through the first four weeks of fall classes and the last two weeks of spring classes.

Assistance Animals - If you have documented need for a service animal or a support animal, in addition to the above process, you must also complete an Animals in Residence Form. Please contact the Student Accessibility Services office for information.

Meal Plan Accommodations - ISU Dining is committed to offering options that meet the needs of special / restricted diets. For more information, please refer to the ISU Dining web site.

Other - The Department of Residence does not make assignments that would result in discriminations based upon race, ethnicity, sex, pregnancy, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, age (40 and over), marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, status as a U.S. veteran (disabled, Vietnam, or other), or any other status protected by university policy or local, state, or federal law.