Life On Campus

Living on campus is so much more than a room!   You’re part of a community, our staff is here to support you, it’s easy to get involved, the convenience can’t be beat and the statistics show that on-campus students have a lot going for them.

Community-In the residence halls, each floor is a house made up of 30 to 60 people.  There’s always someone to hang out with, it’s easy to find people to study with and houses are always doing things together.  Our apartments are also a community where students plan events and get to know their neighbors.

Our Staff-A Community Adviser is on each floor and in each apartment cluster to help build community.  Your CA is also someone you can go to with questions.  A Hall Director is a professional live-in staff member who creates a community that contributes to your personal and academic success.  Our full-time Apartment Community Managers provide an apartment experience with a strong campus connection.

Get Involved-There are over 1600 leadership positions available within campus housing!  You can be the president of your house, part of the GreenHouse Group or be part of your apartment community council.  Plus, when you live on campus, it’s easy to get involved in other campus organizations.

Convenience—You’re ON campus.  You’re close to class, club meetings, the rec, dining options, Campustown and your friends.

Did you Know?

  • Students who live on campus have higher GPAs than their off-campus peers.
  • Students who live on campus their freshmen year are more likely to graduate with a degree from Iowa State.
  • On-campus first-year students self-report being significantly more likely than off-campus students to attend a student function including sporting events, plays and art exhibits.
  • On-campus students report enrolling for more courses than off-campus students.
  • Students who live on campus spend more hours relaxing or socializing than off-campus students.
  • Students living on campus are more likely to report: encouraging contact with people of diverse backgrounds; getting the support they need to help them succeed academically and thrive socially; and having serious conversations with students who were different
  • Students who took Mapworks recorded significantly higher GPAs than nonparticipants.
  • On-campus students have higher goal commitment, social integration and evaluation of the university.