Living With a CA

Community Advisers (CAs) are critical to the success of the Department of Residence (DOR). CAs develop community programs and activities, serve as a resource to residents, and enforce policy to ensure the safety of residents. Apartment CAs in Frederiksen Court and Legacy are required to have roommates. We hope that the CA and his/her roommate will have a positive and mutually supportive relationship. Our CA's are a great group of people and we believe that living with a CA can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Living in a CA apartment is a unique situation and as the roommate of a CA, we want to be sure you understand what will be expected of you. In order to be assigned with a CA you are required to read the CA Roommate Information and submit the CA Roommate Agreement. If you are not comfortable with and willing to accept the following conditions, you should reconsider living with a CA.


You have chosen to live with a CA. This agreement outlines what will be expected of you while doing so.

  • You are not the CA.
    • Residents may ask you for assistance when the CA is not available. You are not expected to assist residents beyond basic courtesy such as answering the door, taking messages, being polite, etc.
    • You must record all messages for the CA accurately and make sure that the CA receives the message.
    • You should refer residents in need of immediate assistance to other CAs in the community, the Apartment Community Office, the ISU Police, or 911.
    • You are not permitted to use the CA phone, which is located in the CA's bedroom.
  • You must maintain confidentiality.
    • You may overhear or become aware of resident personal information or departmental information that the CA is dealing with. You are expected to keep this information confidential.
    • You are expected to refrain from reading any paperwork belonging to the CA that you come in contact with.
    • You are not permitted to enter the CAs bedroom unless the CA is present.
  • You must follow all applicable policies.
    • CAs and their roommates are held to a higher standard of behavioral expectations and role-modeling. You are expected to be aware of and follow all policies and regulations outlined in the University Policy Manual, the Policy Handbook for Residence Halls and On-Campus Apartments, and the ISU Dining Terms and Conditions and Policies.
    • If you are found responsible for a policy violation and/or your behavior interferes with the CA’s ability to perform their job the DOR reserves the right to relocate you. Depending on the availability of space, this may result in your removal from housing.
  • Conflicts With the CA
    • You and the CA are encouraged to complete Roommate Agreement form shortly after you move in.
    • If conflict occurs, you and the CA are expected to engage in appropriate conversation in an attempt to work it out.
    • If you are unable to come to a resolution or you are uncomfortable talking directly to the CA, you can contact your Apartment Community Manger for assistance in mediating the issue(s).
    • If the conflict cannot be resolved, and you and the CA can’t live together amicably, you will be required to move. The CA is required to live in the location to which they are assigned as a condition of their employment.
    • If at any time you no longer wish to live with the CA, you can use AccessPlus to view and select available vacancies. If you wish to relocate during a time when AccessPlus is not available, you may contact for assistance.  
  • Future Assignments
    • Your assignment with a CA is only for the current academic year and only as a roommate to a specific CA.
    • If for any reason, your CA roommate is no longer employed by the DOR, you may be relocated. Every attempt will be made to relocate you to a similar apartment type, but that cannot be guaranteed. If you are relocated, DOR staff will meet with you to discuss a timeline and plan for your move.
    • During the Recontracting process, you will not be permitted to remain in your same apartment for the following year. If you choose to participate in Recontracting, you will be contacted by DOR staff to discuss your options.


  • I understand that by submitting this form I am stating that I have read the above CA ROOMMATE INFORMATION and I accept the outlined expectations for living with a CA
  • I am aware that, prior to being assigned, I must also submit an On-Campus Housing and Dining Contract
  • I understand that if I indicate the name of a specific CA below, that CA must have provided my name to the DOR Administrative Services office, before I can be assigned to the space. I also understand that if the CA missed the deadline that was communicated to them and the space has already been filled with another student, this request may not be honored.