Schilletter (SV) and University (UV) Village Apartments

UV is available to freshmen 19 or older and all sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students. UV is also the only single student location on campus to offer a mixed gender roommate option.

SV is typically available to any student who is married or in a domestic partner relationship and/or has custody/visitation rights for dependent children; the student's spouse/domestic partner and/or dependent children. If the demand for family housing is low, single students may also be accommodated in this area. In that case, eligibility is the same as for UV.

UV Apartment Types

  • Garden (one-level) and Townhouse (two-story) styles available.
  • All UV apartments are air-conditioned.
  • Apartments include: two bedrooms, a full bathroom, living room, and a kitchen that includes a stovetop, oven, and refrigerator.
  • Most UV apartments are two bedrooms, although there are eight one-bedroom units.
  • Each UV apartment also has a front patio with an area suitable for planting a small vegetable or flower garden. The sliding glass door in the living room leads to a small back patio as well.
  • Most UV apartments are unfurnished. However, a few furnished apartments are available at an additional cost. Furnishings include a 3 seat sofa, armchair, coffee table, and TV stand in the living room; a dining table and chairs in the kitchen area; and a captain's bed, nightstand, desk and chair in each bedroom.

SV Apartment Types

  • First and second floor apartments are available.
  • All SV apartments are air-conditioned.
  • Apartments include: two bedrooms, a full bathroom, living room and a kitchen with stovetop, oven, and a refrigerator.
  • All SV apartments are unfurnished.
  • Each building has a substantial shared basement with private, lockable storage.
  • Basement connections allow each family to install their own washer and ELECTRIC dryer.

Rent and Utilities

Rent is charged to your Ubill at the beginning of each semster and includes the following utilities: water, garbage, cable, high-speed DSL internet service and electricity. Until that time, electricity is billed monthly by the University. Gas (for heating and cooking) must be contracted with Alliant Energy. Phone service is available through IT Services. If space permits, non-family residents can rent apartments as shared (with a roommate) or as private (by yourself).


SUV Community Center - Located directly in the center of the neighborhood, the SUV Community Center is home to the SUV Office and has a computer lab, large conference room, a multipurpose room, and a community kitchen.

Pets - Buildings 121 – 125 and 145 – 163 in UV and 11 - 16 in SV are designated as pet-friendly. Individuals interested in residing in SUV pet-friendly housing should review the Animals in Residence Policy and the SUV Pet Policy. Pets, other than fish, are prohibited in all other SUV apartments. Regardless of pet ownership, single residents of pet-friendly apartments will be required to maintain their apartment as PRIVATE until such time that they identify a roommate of their own choosing and that person officially checks-in. The DOR does not assign roommates in pet apartments. In SHARED pet-friendly apartments where one resident vacates, the apartment will revert to PRIVATE until the above conditions are met.

Parking - Resident parking is available adjacent to each building and guest spaces are available for short-term visitors.

Laundry - While residents can install their own clothes washers (UV & SV) and dryers (SV only) in their apartments, a central community laundry facility is available that uses CyCash.

Playgrounds & Childcare - Playgrounds and sandboxes are available throughout the SUV community. There's also an on-site day care and preschool (University Community Childcare). Children of SV residents attend the Ames school district and there are several schoolbus stops within SUV.

Fitness & Recreation - Residents can use our soccer field, basketball courts and sand volleyball courts. Garden plots are available and a bike path goes through and around the neighborhood.

Dining & Groceries - The Hawthorn Market & Café (located in the Frederiksen Court Community Center) is a retail dining and shopping facility that offers hot meals, groceries and personal items. Hawthorn Market & Cafe's Starbucks™ coffee products are especially popular, as are the daily, weekly, and seasonal menu specials. While SUV Residents aren't required to buy a meal plan, there are a variety of convenient options available.

Recycling - Recycling of magazines, newspapers, plastic bottles, plastic bags, tin and aluminum cans, glass, wet board, cardboard, and white/color paper is available in the SUV laundromat.