Residence Halls

Your room is part of a house with an immediately available network of ISU students. It's easy to find somebody who's looking to get dinner, form an intramural team, watch a movie, go to a Cyclone football game, catch a show in the M-Shop, or help you study for that chem test.

Living on each house is a Community Advisor (CA) who is there to help answer questions, plan activities and create a welcoming community. You will also have a Hall Director, a live-in, full-time, professional staff member who is there to help create an environment that contributes to your academic and personal success.

After Recontracting, priority for residence hall assignments goes to any new-admit 18 or younger and 19 year-old, new-admit freshmen, then 19 year-old, new-admit transfers. Other students are assigned to halls as space is available.  (Age is determined as of Sept. 1 for fall and Feb. 1 for spring.) Here are some other things to know about living in the halls:

  • Bed Style - All beds come pre-lofted. You can unloft or bunk your beds once you move in.
  • Dining - Meal Plans are required in all buildings except Wallace and Wilson halls.
  • Gender - Unless otherwise noted, all halls are co-ed by wing/floor (i.e. male identifying on one floor and female identifying on another).
  • Rates - Rates listed are PROPOSED for 2019-20 and are per student, per academic year. Current and previous year rates can be found here
    • A DAS is a double room that is occupied by one resident who has opted not to receive a roommate. The number of DAS rooms permitted is based on occupancy rates, the location of learning communities, and demand for that building.
  • Words - Check here for a glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

Click on one of the hall names below to vist that community's page. On those pages you'll find a lisitng of houses, furnishings, amenities, and floor plans.

RICHARDSON COURT -  located East of the Memorial Union - all halls closed winter break

BirchTraditionalNo$4,783--$6,218$6,935all-male building
FreemanTraditionalNo$4,783--$6,218$6,935Spectrum House (4th floor) is gender-inclusive
RobertsTraditionalNo$4,783--$6,218$6,935all-male building
WelchTraditionalNo$4,783--$6,218$6,935all-male building

SOUTH CAMPUS - located South of the Memorial Union - all halls open winter break

HallStyleA/CSinglesXL SinglesDoublesDASNotes
WallaceTraditionalNo$4,500$4,815----No meal plan required; all single rooms
WilsonTraditionalNo$4,500--$4,050$5,625No meal plan required

UNION DRIVE - located West of the Memorial Union - all halls closed winter break

EatonSuitesYes$6,537------Substance free
FrileyTraditionalNo$4,783--$6,218--Some houses are substance free
FrileyTraditionalYes$4,847------Some houses are substance free
MartinSuitesYes$6,537--$7,518--$7,459=corner suites, $8,513=loft (2-level) suites

Proposed Rate Disclaimer

All rates for housing and dining are presented to and approved by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa. The proposed rates are presented to the Board at their March meeting; final approval is made at the April or May meetings. Prior to the time that rates are approved, posted rates are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change. The Board reserves the right to change rates during the term of the contract by giving 30 days advance notice. If rates increase during the term of the contract, an e-mail notice will be sent to all impacted residents informing them of the change. Residents have 20 days from the date of notification to cancel their contracts without penalty.