2020-2021 Rates - APPROVED

Rates are for the ACADEMIC YEAR, both fall and spring. One half of the rate is billed at the start of each semester. Monthly billing is not available, but payment plans can be arranged through Accounts Receivable

In addition to the rates listed, all residence hall and apartment residents are assessed mandatory dues which contribute to programming and upkeep of community-owned equipment. Please review the Terms and Conditions for specific dues information.

Residence Hall Rates

  • Rates are per person and include all utilities.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, a meal plan is required in all residence halls. Meal plan rates are available on the ISU Dining web site.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all buildings are co-ed.
RICHARDSON COURT - closed during winter break
Double as
Birch---$6,218$4,783$6,935all-male building
MapleYes---$5,472$7,661Substance free, triples have private bathrooms
Roberts---$6,218$4,783$6,935all-male building
Welch---$6,218$4,783$6,935all-male building
UNION DRIVE - closed during winter break
Double as
Corner DblLofted DblNotes
Eaton SuitesYes---$6,537$8,171------Substance free
FrileyYes$6,346$4,847$7,063------some Substance Free
Friley---$6,218$4,783$6,935------some Substance Free
Helser------$4,783$6,935------North end is all-female
Martin SuitesYes$7,518$6,537$8,171$7,459$8,513 
SOUTH CAMPUS - open during winter break
XL SingleDouble
Double as
Buchanan SuitesYes$7,119---$6,190$7,738 
Wallace---$4,500$4,815------No meal plan required; all single rooms
Wilson---$4,500---$4,050$5,625No meal plan required

On-Campus Student Apartment Rates

  • All apartments are air-conditioned.
  • All apartments remain open during winter break
  • Meal plans are encouraged, but not required in an apartment community.
  • Rates are per person and include all utilities
  • Units are single-gender
  • 2 Person - 2 Bedroom Private units ARE VERY LIMITED and not generally available for new students.
Furnished 4 Person - 2 Bedroom Shared$4,848
Furnished 4 Person - 4 Bedroom Private$6,084
Furnished 2 Person - 2 Bedroom Private (limited)$7,434
  • Rates are per apartment and include all utilities except gas.
    • In PRIVATE units, one occupant pays the entire rent.
    • In SHARED units, two occupants share the rent. This means you pay half of the rate listed below.
    • Pet apartment residents pay the pet rate regardless of pet ownership. If a roommate leaves a SHARED pet apartment, the apartment becomes PRIVATE until the remaining resident finds a new roommate.
  • Units are single gender unless you request a specific roommate of a different gender. Request must be mutual and in writing.
  • Only two residents may occupy each 2 bedroom apartment
  • An Animals in Residence Form must be submitted in order to be considered for a pet-friendly apartment.
Unfurnished, 1 Bedroom, 1 Level (limited)$5,124
Unfurnished, 2 Bedroom, 1 Level$5,503
Unfurnished, 2 Bedroom Townhouse$5,854
Furnished 2, Bedroom Townhouse$6,204
Unfurnished, Pet-Friendly, 2 Bedroom Townhouse$6,204
  • Available to students who will have family living with them, i.e. spouse, partner, dependent children, siblings, etc.
    • Resident must have custody / visitation rights for all minors in the apartment.
  • Rates listed are per apartment and include all utilities except gas.
  • An Animals in Residence Form must be submitted in order to be considered for a pet-friendly apartment.
2 Bedroom, 1 Level$5,933
Pet-Friendly, 2 Bedroom, 1 Level$6,204