Summer 2020 Rates

Rates for summer 2020 on-campus housing are as follows. Please visit the ISU Dining website for summer 2020 Meal Plans & Rates.

A minimum two week stay is required for summer. Residents staying less than two weeks, will still be charged for a full 14 days.

Furnished Housing

Rates listed are per student, per the term indicated, and include all utilities. The entire rate is billed in full at the start of the summer.

Frederiksen Court Apts.Daily RateSession 1Session 2Entire Summer
2 Bedroom Shared$12.59$692$692$1,045
4 Bedroom Private$15.75$866$866$1,307
2 Bedroom Private$18.90$1,040$1,040$1,569

Unfurnished Apartments

Rates listed are per apartment, per the term indicated, and include all utilities except for gas.The entire rate is billed in full at the start of the summer.

In UV one bedroom or two bedroom PRIVATE units, one occupant pays the entire rent. In UV two bedroom, SHARED units, the rental rate is split evenly between both residents. In SV FAMILY apartments, one contracted residents pays the entire rent. 

Pet apartment residents pay the pet rate regardless of pet ownership. If a roommate leaves a SHARED pet apartment, the apartment becomes PRIVATE until the remaining resident finds a new roommate.

Schilletter Village (SV) and University Village (UV)Daily RateSession 1Session 2Entire Summer
UV 1 Bedroom 1 Level$19.19$1,056$1,056$1,593
UV 2 Bedroom 1 Level $20.60$1,133$1,133$1,710
UV 2 Bedroom Townhouse $21.92$1,205$1,205$1,819
UV 2 Bedroom Townhouse – Pet$23.22$1,277$1,277$1,927
UV 2 Bedroom Townhouse – Furnished $23.22$1,277$1,277$1,927
SV Family$22.22$1,222$1,222$1,844
SV Family – Pet$23.22$1,277$1,277$1,927