Residential Learning Communities

Students in a residential learning community.

Leadership Through Engineering Academic Diversity (LEAD)

Minority students in any engineering major
Get the LEAD edge! Choose from three learning teams (based on your math placement), and a living and learning community (housing option) to help you meet your academic and professional goals. These learning teams are designed to support minority engineering students taking basic program courses (Chemistry, Math, and Physics). Participants in the program can register for reserved seats in basic program courses and a LEAD orientation course, developing a supportive peer network. Members also benefit from one credit Academic Excellence Workshops (AEWs). AEWs are tied to learning community sections of basic program courses, and provide a collaborative learning environment to aid students in mastering the concepts taught in those courses.

Participants in the living and learning community live on the same residence hall floor and have the support of two peer mentors. Peer mentors live on the floor, assist students with their transition to college and serve as tutors. Members of the community also engage in professional development seminars, industrial plant visits, out-of-class social activities, and informal opportunities to interact with faculty and LEAD staff.
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Other Residential Learning Communities