Residential Learning Communities

Students in a residential learning community.

Chemical Engineering (ChE)

Students that have declared ChE (Chemical Engineering) are eligible for the living community. Undeclared engineering students who have a strong interest in ChE may participate in the academic portion of the community as space is available.
The ChE Learning Community was created to help new freshman get to know ChE faculty and other new ChE students so students will feel more comfortable approaching and interacting with faculty and staff across campus. A peer mentor will be available to organize Community meetings & activities, show them around campus, refer them to resources, help with study sessions, and plan industrial field trips. The professor who is the faculty mentor for the Community is also available for advice and support. In addition to taking courses together that satisfy degree requirements, ChE Learning Community students enjoy other academic and social activities to enrich their learning.

Participants will enroll in a set of required courses with other ChE students, which include:

Math 165 Calculus I
Chem 177 General Chemistry
Chem 177L General Chemistry Lab
Engr 101 Engineering Orientation
ChE 104X Learning Community Seminar


Math 166 Calculus II
Chem 178 General Chemistry
Chem 178L General Chemistry Lab
Phys 221 Intro. to Physics I
ChE 104X Learning Community Seminar

The focus of ChE 104X is on joint study sessions for the required first-year courses, learning about the profession, curriculum, career planning, research opportunities, and have at least two plant trips.
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