Residential Learning Communities

Students in a residential learning community.

Common Threads

Apparel Merchandising, Design, and Production majors
The Common Threads Learning Community is first year students majoring in Apparel Merchandising, Design, and Production. As a residential Learning Community, the adjustment to college life is eased as students in Common Threads (CT) attend a set of classes together and live in the same residence hall. A specially selected upper-class peer mentor resides with the students and serves as coordinator of academic and social activities. Peer Mentors may arrange for an outing to a show and a backstage visit to discuss costuming.

During the first semester, students in CT will take English 104 linked with TC 165 and HDFS 102 together, the Common Threads Learning Community Seminar, the college (FCEDS 110) and library (Lib 160) orientation classes and one other course of your choice. Second semester includes enrollment in English 105 linked with TC 131 and Soc 134, along with the CT Seminar class, two other courses. A formal linkage between the first year English composition classes and the first year Textiles and Clothing classes enables the student to enhance their learning experience by drawing content from one class to complete a process in another.
Chris Wise

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