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Cross Cultural Theme

Students in any major are eligible to join.
The Cross-Cultural House presents students with an opportunity for a global experience long before they leave campus. Students live and interact with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. You have the chance to learn about a variety of cultures and will gain insight into different perspectives from around the world. You can use them to develop your own foundation about what the “big picture” really is.

One of the nice things about the Cross-Cultural House is the fact that the program was founded by the students and it has evolved into something that continues to be student-focused, student-driven, and student-run. The residents are the ones who determine what exactly the experience will entail. Here are a few examples of past events:

* Diversity dinners. With so many people and backgrounds from which to draw, food is a piece of culture that everyone can enjoy. The menus are planned by the residents and vary depending on what each individual “brings to the table.”
* Global perspectives discussions. Talk about topics ranging from family structure to religion to education and social activities. These informal talks are one way to connect the learning in the classroom with the life learning that takes place in the residence hall room.
Social activities. Whether it’s paintball or movie nights or whatever else is sparked by the interests of the community, the Cross-Cultural House plans fun events for it’s residents. Bring your ideas to share and make them happen.
Kurt Earnest

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