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Allergen Awareness House

Individuals registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) who experience life-limiting or anaphylaxis-inducing allergic reactions.
While a 100% allergen-free location is impossible, the Department of Residence (DOR) has taken steps to provide a less stressful, on-campus, experience for those who absolutely need it. New for Fall 2017, the DOR is offering the Allergen Awareness house.

Located in Martin Hall, Coov-Lace, the AAH community works together to limit allergy triggers in a space that has been slightly modified to serve students with the most severe of allergies. To be considered for AAH you must:

1. Be registered with the ISU Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office as having documented, severe allergies that cause life-limiting, and/or anaphylaxis-inducing reactions. Please visit for details on the SAS registration process and documentation requirements. (Roommate pairs or groups will require only one student to be registered with SAS, but all community members will be subject to common allergen restrictions and other community standards.)

2. Have submitted a Housing and Accommodation Request form to the DOR. Please visit for details.

2019-2020 list of prohibited items:
- Peanuts
- Tree nuts
- Dairy
- Shellfish
- Fish
- Pet dander
- Gluten
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